Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Miss Over-Achiever

I am always amazed at how different our three children are [from each other].  They each have their own gifts and talents, and I have to say that they really are great kids, but they're so different!  I also find it fascinating to see little glimpses and idiosyncrasies of Rob and I in their personalities.  In many ways, though, they are uniquely their own. 

Kate is a prime example.  First of all, she's a paradox for a middle child - she doesn't just kind of disappear on the mix.  She's strong-willed, intense, and a leader.  She's also brilliant, driven, and an over-achiever.  Rob and I had the luxury of kind of "skating" through school.  We did the bare minimum.  We were able to do well while putting forth the least effort.  This kind of attitude doesn't perform well in today's schools (and that's probably a good thing). 

So, when Kate came home a few weeks ago and showed me her extra credit project, I was secretly thinking two things in my head -
1. Where did she come from?
2.  I wonder if you're allowed to do an extra credit project when you already have an A+?
And, the girl doesn't procrastinate - again, nothing like Rob or myself. 

The project was to build something with a small motor.  Enter my dad.  The man is a mechanical genius.  All I had to do was give him the list of materials.  The project worked, it was handed in a week early, and all is well in our little girl's world. 

I wish she gave lessons.  I want to be her when I grow up.


  1. my middle son was that way .. but he grew out of it, unfortunately.

  2. You must be so proud of Kate.
    I wish I had been a bit more like that at school, hmm, I'm still a procrastinator.

  3. "I want to be her when I grow up." That quote made me start to cry!!! I don't know that a child could hear and more wonderful thing from a parent. What a treasure that sentence is!

    Great job on the project! (The motor one, and the one where you're raising her...)

  4. Build a project with a small motor? She's still in elementary school right? I love that picture - both are working so hard - doesn't look like they even know you're right there taking a picture of them!