Monday, July 30, 2012

News by the Numbers

53 - the number of days since I last posted on this blog

4600 - the amount of miles we've traveled so far this summer

0 - the number of speeding tickets we were issued!

2 - the number of nights we spent in Nashville, TN

112 - the degrees in Fahrenheit that the city of Nashville welcomed us with

20 - days we enjoyed as a family [on vacation]

4 - number of weeks until school starts

14 - the number of states we drove through

2 - the number of great-grandmothers the kids were able to visit (ages 93 and 94)

11 - the number of Florida sunsets we enjoyed[on the beach]

500+ - the number of pictures currently stored on our camera

countless - the amount of memories we enjoyed as a family

**A special thank-you to all of those that have checked on me to make sure I haven't stopped blogging.  I plan to start again soon!


  1. What? No thank you to those who didn't have to. He k but just had faith you'd be back? I'm just teasing. I'm glad you are building such great memories.!

  2. I love the numbers! So cool that the kids saw two of their great-grandmas, even cooler that the great-grandmothers got to see them, what a blessing it must have been - think about it - we are here now but we are leaving a legacy, and these women got to see part of their legacy multiple generations down. Wow.

    Great post, and beautiful photos!!!

  3. Welcome back! I kept checking to see if I was still following you since I hadn't seen any posts. sounds like a wonderful two months!