Sunday, February 17, 2013

San Diego, CA

While Rob and I were staying in the Phoenix, AZ area, we talked about various day trips.  When I realized that we were only five hours from San Diego, I suggested we utilize our last two free days and head for the coast.  About thirty minutes later, we were packed and driving west!

We reached the sunset cliffs of Ocean Beach right at sunset.

We checked in to our hotel and then looked for a dinner option.  We decided on TJ's Oyster Bar in Chula Vista.  They specialize in fish tacos, which we tried and liked.  But, our favorite were the smoked tuna tacos with cheese.  I know that sounds weird, but holy cow - one of the best things I've ever had.  We also really enjoyed the tostada with octopus.  (Much better than when we tried to make octopus!)

I know this looks less than appetizing, but trust me - it was so delicious!  The plate in the foreground was the octopus tostada - sorry we didn't save any tentacles for the picture!  The plate to the right were the tuna tacos.  I liked their fish tacos, but I found that they lacked the flavor of the other parts of our dinner.  This was a great yelp score, and our total bill was $29.

If you're ever in Chula Vista - go to TJ's!  I would suggest getting there early though, the whole place seats about 20. 


  1. I've never wanted to try fish tacos, it just sounds weird to me. The smoked tuna sounds a lot more interesting. Octopus tostada sounds good too.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. The sunset picture took my breath away!

    Smoked tuna and cheese makes complete sense to me. Now I want that for breakfast!

  3. Oh this looks like so much fun. We used to live in the Sacramento area and had really planned on checking San Diego out before we moved back to Tennessee but didn't get the chance. Now I want us to fly back out and stay in San Diego for a few days!!

  4. you certainly are and adventurous eater! Love the sunset pictures.

  5. Ok, so now we need you to come up with an amazing fish taco or smoked tuna taco recipe for us!! I love fish tacos and order them whenever they are on the menu, but it's hard to find a GREAT fish taco, esp. around here. So? Are you up for the challenge?