Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Travels: Florida

Ahhhhh, Florida - we adore you!  The girls love this little piece of paradise that we get to visit at least once a year.  We have been blessed by having the use of a family condo and countless memories.  This past trip was certainly no exception.  Josh decided to join us at the last minute - I think he heard "staining the deck" and "sealing the driveway" as activities at my parents house and decided a family trip sounded better than before.

We decided to fly, as we only had a week to soak in the Florida sun.  It was very fast, but I now understand why our tickets were so cheap.  Cramped quarters, and paying for everything (luggage, seats, drinks, etc.).  Oh, well, as I said, it was fast!  We were in Florida in 2 hours.  Awesomeness!

not a whole lot of room, friends. 

We took in our usual haunts - our first night we scarfed down 44 pieces of pizza at our favorite pizza buffet. We had just spent a long day at the beach and decided to go right to dinner to beat the rush.  We were grimy, sticky, and starving.  We gulped down glasses of water, huge plates of salad, countless pieces of pizza, and ice cream sundaes.  It was perfection!

We typically don't have many Florida pictures because we prefer not to take our camera or phones to the beach, but we usually try to capture a few family shots for posterity.  Here they are:

this is a blurry one, but I'm standing sideways and look somehow thinner :)

this actually wasn't staged - just a candid shot

Rob's parents joined Rob and I and the girls (Josh flew home for a volleyball camp) for the last two days of our week.  It was nice to spend time together!  While we rented a car for the week, the car that stays in Florida was in need of some mechanical attention (read: Rob barely made it to the car repair shop), so we all squeezed in our rental car for dinner the last night.  The girls each had a seat belt, my in-laws braved a restraint-free car ride.  I've never laughed so hard in my life.  Seriously.  I still don't know where my father-in-law's left leg disappeared to.

please no one tell them you saw this!

We ate lots of seafood, gorged ourselves on sunsets, desserts, and sunshine and came home happy.


  1. Sounds lovely, Kirsten! Your family is so beautiful. What a fabulous end to summer. Glad you enjoyed your time together. We went to Folly Beach last week & start school tomorrow. What a whirlwind of a summer! :)

  2. You make holidays with family look like such a blast! Those beach shots look just like Australia. Im definitely mildly green with envy over seeing sun too!

    Your secret is safe with me!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time! and great weather too.