Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15 Years Ago.

Our son.  How can he be fifteen today?

Josh is growing up.  He is now inches taller than me and faster in a foot race than his dad.  He is still kind, thoughtful, and funny.  But, he now prefers the company of his friends.  Does it make sense that we miss him and he's not even gone?

As he pulls away in a very natural way, I'm reminded of years gone by. 

I remember the day he was born, quickly and with no fuss.  I remember his laid-back demeanor, only crying occasionally. 

I remember how chatty he was as a toddler.  He had incessant questions and just loved to talk, even in his sleep. 

He is still enthusiastic.  He is happiest when his schedule is filled with sports, friends, and having fun.  Every day that passes he looks more like his dad.

Our prayer for him is to continue to love God, love others, and do what he was created to do.  He is pretty certain he want to be a police officer and I think he'd make a great one. 

We're so proud of him!  Happy Birthday Josh :)


  1. Very nice! Happy Birthday Josh!

  2. Happy Birthday Josh. The next ten years are going to be very exciting ones!

    He is turning into a fine young man Kirsten. You and Rob have done a wonderful job of being his parents and guiding him on the right path.

  3. Happy belated Birthday, Josh!

    Sweet post, Kirsten. Your love for Josh shines through. :) How great he already knows his calling in life. Wishing him the best!

    Happy Sunday :)