Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Longboat Key, Florida

Rob and I make it a point to get away for a week by ourselves each year.  This year, he had to be in Orlando for meetings and we planned to add three days of sun and relaxation on Longboat Key. 

When we left, this is what our street looked like. 

While we were gone, most of our county lost power.  My grandmother, aunt and uncle spent a night here with my mom and our three kids.  I heard it was real cozy.  :)

The day after we returned, our street looked like this. 

The first part of our trip was a little chilly and dreary, but we ended on a good note.  Sunshine, time together, and lots of good food were the components of the break we needed. 

this was the view from our hotel in Orlando - dreary and 50 degrees

We rented a 'villa' (I use the term loosely), it was perfect for us.  We were literally maybe 50 feet from the beach, and it was pure perfection.  I wouldn't describe our accommodations as five-star, but we really didn't care.  Sure, the refrigerator leaked, and the sofa was crazy uncomfortable, but we were on vacation. 

We spent our time walking on the beach and soaking in the sun.  We ate a lot of fresh citrus and local strawberries. 

We discovered a new (to us) place - Boca Grande, also known as Gasparilla Island.  It's a little fancy-schmancy, but the sights are quaint and timeless.  It was about an hour south of where we were staying. 

We also walked to an amazing restaurant for dinner - where Rob almost got picked up by two ladies.  It was hilarious.  I could see it happening from across the room and when I finally walked over, I heard him say, "and I'm Rob" probably helps that we were the youngest people on Longboat Key by about 30 years. 

I think our week away every year is one of the things that cements our relationship.  It is necessary for us to have time together without distraction. I find that I have to share my husband every other week of the year - I'm a firstborn and not very good with sharing. 


  1. I love the idea that you get away and focus on each other. If more people made the time to do that Im sure there would be less divorce.

    I had the idea that Florida was constantly sunny so I was surprised to see it isnt! Love those huge tree look tiny!

  2. Sounds like you picked a good week to get away. How did the kids survive without you.

  3. I agree, it sounds like a wonderful idea to make the time to spend with each other. Florida is on my bucket list, so I enjoy seeing your photos.