Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Unless you like playing in the kitchen as much as I do, I'd file this post under more of a hobby endeavor. 

I have a client who requires a low sodium diet, which has stretched my cooking ability.  I do have to say, though, that while cooking without salt requires extra care, it's fascinating how much flavor can be created with spices. 

I try to brainstorm different foods that will taste nostalgic while sticking within that parameters of low-carb, meat-free, and low sodium.  I originally thought of a zucchini "lasagna", but I have to be careful with packaged foods.  I did some quick research on homemade ricotta cheese and found that it's super easy to make and that the result can be decadent. 

There are several food blogs I swear by, and smitten kitchen is one of them.  Back in 2011, Deb made ricotta cheese.  As she discusses, the method she uses is not technically the traditional way (traditionally, ricotta is made from the by-product of cheese making, whey).  So, if you're interested in making a ricotta-like product and happen to have whole milk, heavy cream, and a fresh lemon on hand - you're in luck!  The recipe (click here for her recipe) calls for salt, but I simply omitted it. 

Four cups of milk and cream produce about one and a half cups of ricotta, so there is a bit of waste - unless you keep and use the whey (I've got mine in a container in the fridge, still deciding what to use it for). 

this is halfway through the draining process

This was the finished product for my client: grilled eggplant and zucchini stacks with a roasted tomato slice, fresh mozzarella, and a smear of homemade ricotta.  This was labor-intensive, but decadent (especially considering this is meat and gluten-free). 

I still have a bit of ricotta left - it is creamy, rich and indulgent, while still remaining light.  If you have some extra time and the desire - go for it!


  1. I've already eaten dinner yet I'm salivating at those eggplant stacks! Never made ricotta, though I'd like to give it a try. Great to see you post, Kirsten! Hope all is well in your world. Happy Cooking! :)

  2. The vegie stack looks amazing(and thats coming from a carnivore)

    I have a ricotta cheese recipe pinned to try at some point. It seems pretty easy to do .

  3. I rarely add salt these days when I cook, unless it is a necessity. I must try making ricotta one day.. Love Smitten Kitchen too, great recipes.

  4. That sandwich looks super yummy! I might have to try making this, just for fun!