Monday, July 19, 2010

A Far-Away Dream

I love our house - it's small, it's old, it will always need work - but it's ours and we love it. It has always been in the future to renovate our kitchen, and as I see others go through the process and enjoy their brand-new kitchens, I become even more anxious. I thought we would be starting a remodel sometime in the next year or two, but our central air conditioning decided to finally die during a 100 degree heat wave. We were in Iowa when we received the news. This certainly isn't the worst thing to happen, and honestly, with electric caps "rolling off", we would have been smart to buy a more efficient system anyway.

We've decided to live with a few window units for the next few months and then invest in a geo-thermal heating/cooling system. We can't simply buy a new air conditioning unit that would retrofit with our old furnace, so we'll just start over (and scrap a kitchen project for now).

So, last week, I scrubbed my kitchen from top to bottom. I purged and reorganized. I used four magic erasers, disposed of four buckets of disgustingly dirty water, moved and cleaned under and behind my refrigerator and oven, wiped down cabinets, walls, and everything in between. If I can't have a new kitchen, at least I can have a clean one, right?

I also inherited some really cool things from two of Rob's aunts!

Polish it!

Love, love, love this platter -

A "new" set of dinner and dessert plates, a few bowls, mugs, and twelve placemats!

My parents decided to spoil me with some new pots and pans - courtesy of William Sonoma! They are amazing - stainless steel and made in Italy.

Lastly, check out this fruit bowl....this was a sink my dad made (and hadn't used) and it had been sitting around their house. It looks so amazing on our kitchen table with the "new" placemats. Can you even believe that glazing? It's so pretty you can barely notice all of the nail polish stains [on the table]!

My little kitchen is looking a little better these days!


  1. wow girl- good job! love cleaning like that too!

  2. Trust me...the idea of kitchen remodel is better than the reality of actually being in the process of doing one.

    I also feel so much better when I go through my house and clean top to bottom, and re-organise cupboards and make everything pretty and new looking. Looks like you did a great job and re-discovered some treasures.

    When are you going to invite me for dinner?

  3. Thanks, Jamie...doesn't it just re-energize you? Sadly, things seem to get pretty grody before I bring out the big guns! :)

    Mrs P - I'm sure it's very, very disruptive - I hope you'll decide it's totally worth all of the trouble when your beautiful kitchen is finished!
    We'd love to have you for dinner, anytime! Name the time and what you'd like to sample! I think your area of the world, on the other hand, sounds like much more of a vacation destination!

  4. I need to do that. Clean and such- I'm impressed, and now motivated-- thanks! And I LOVE LOVE that pottery! My great aunt just gave me a ceramic pitcher made in a monastery in Italy; I stare at it briefly every time I enter the kitchen- little joys like that make me smile. KNOW I am drooling over those pots n'pans. DROOLING. And I still want your Wustof knife. :)

  5. Abbie-
    I am totally enamored with the pots, pans, and the pottery! You're right, it just puts a spring in your step to see beauty! I'd love to see a pic of your pitcher!
    The pots and pans are the first thing I've ever had from Williams-Sonoma and they are pretty great! I was still using my original pans (Farberware) from when we were first married...
    wow, we finally have a new mattress and pots and pans after 13 years...woo-hoo!