Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Exciting Backyard

Things became very exciting around here last night!

We have carrots and beets -

We have a fig!

The girls had a blast swimming in the little pool for about an hour last night, so cute!

Isn't summer great?


  1. Great carrots!!! I can just imagine you cooking those up-maybe some brownsugar & butter???? The girls look like they're having a great time! Miss you guys here in IA!! My peppers are just starting to come on-can't wait for stuffed green peppers-now only if we can get 2 ready to pick the same time!

  2. Actually, Jean - can you believe that Emma ate all but three of those carrots? We're not too big on cooked carrots, but if we did, you're right - it would be brown sugar and butter! They're actually pretty great roasted too, but they never even made it into the kitchen!

    The girls continue to have a blast in that little pool! The kiddos had so much fun in Iowa, and we all just love it there!

    If you can't get two peppers at once, maybe just a huge one you can cut in half! Do you put hamburger in yours?

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation time!

  3. I love that she ate almost all of the carrots!

  4. Kirs-I forgot to tell you-when the kiddos came over with P & P, Emma discovered the fresh parsley that I have growing on the deck-I told her she could taste it & she kept going back for more-it was hilarious!!! As far as my stuffed peppers, I brown hamburger, drain grease, add a package of prepared "Knorr" flavored rice along with cheese of choice-precook peppers in microwave a couple of minutes-then fill with the rice mixture & warm through-top with a little more cheese & heat till melted-yummy! You could probably do the same thing on the grill. You could easily stuff 4 peppers with that much filling.

  5. Your back yard IS exciting! Those carrots look fabulous. Do you think you can coax more than one fig out of that tree before the summer ends?

  6. Oh, man - the stuffed peppers sound yummy! Wonder if my gang would like them?

    Emma, even though she is the littlest, eats circles around her brother and sister! She loves carrots and celery, but I didn't know she liked parsley!

    I would be so happy if I could harvest more than one fig! I'll definitely fertilize next year and see if that works...it's a new tree so I am a little surprised that I'm even getting one.