Thursday, July 15, 2010

We Heart Iowa

Rob and I recently returned from a trip to Iowa to visit family. During each trip we take to the heartland of America, I'm struck with the sheer beauty of the middle of our country. The pace is slower, the people friendlier, the land is flatter, and the traffic is non-existent. Rob and I do seriously consider retiring on a small farm in Iowa and this trip certainly reminded us of our dreams. I am rendered speechless by the images of black earth, green crops, and the sight of one farm for every few miles.

Interspersed with bucolic scenes are images like this

A community pool where kids ride their bikes, drop them and run into the pool (at least that's what I imagine happens, based on the image)- not worrying about locking their bikes or needing parental supervision.

A memorial that honors the military service of every member (alive and deceased) of the community (the names are etched in black granite).

Incidentally, this small town (Parkersburg, IA) is the same town featured on the ESPY awards in reference to the honoree of the Arthur Ashe award, Ed Thomas. This town of about 2000 was decimated by an F-5 tornado on May 25, 2008. The town has pulled together to rebuild, briefly pausing to bury their beloved football coach and mentor, and continues to move forward, in a exemplary symbol of courage. This is one of the many reasons we love Iowa.

Also, there is this

Many of the people we love, live in Iowa

lots of them, actually (this is Rob's moms family...most of them)

We had a great trip, lots of relaxing, and even more food! We enjoyed spending precious time with our kids, other family, and just had lots of are a few of our pics.


  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing your experience in Iowa! My parents are heading back for my Dad's hometown reunion next week!
    There is something to be said for that pace of life. We are so busy here on the East Coast! I often long for the moments you mention.
    May you keep dreaming of your farm in Iowa :)

  2. Looks like fun was had ! Good to see you back though. I'm running out of meal ideas and we're eating a lot of takeaway. I'm blaming your absence.

  3. thanks, Kira...Ithaca, right? Western New York is equally beautiful in the summer! I know, the frenetic lifestyle will come back in the fall I'm sure!

    Mrs P - I do have a few posts lined up with actual recipes, novel, huh? And, yes, we had a great time!

  4. i posted earlier but not there- hm! but wanted to say LOVED having you guys here! and LOVE that you wrote "bucolic" :) love it!