Friday, February 4, 2011

Favourite Thing Friday

my favourite thing today is skiing!

Skiing is something I enjoy, but with three kids, I consider it a luxury.  Rob and Josh have been skiing quite often this year, but I don't think the girls are ready to start yet (and neither is our pocketbook!). 

Two years ago, Rob and I enjoyed a vacation to the mountains of Colorado, and Vail was our favorite resort by far.  The vast expanse of snow, trails, and quiet are something I'll never forget.  Thankfully, the week we were there was quite warm and never once were we cold (that's key on the barometer when deciding if I'm having fun - no pun intended!) 

Tomorrow we're planning to drive about 3 hours north to ski for the day!  It's certainly not going to rival Vail, but it should be a fun day for the two of us! 

Happy FTF!  Head over to see what Mrs P is loving today!


  1. Oh! Fun favourite! I've never been skiing, Kirsten. I'm afraid I'd hit a tree or fall off the side of the mountain. I admire your bravery to slide down the slopes on little splinters of wood (or whatever they make skis out of).

    What a fun time it appears you had! Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

    PS...Your link for today on Shay's site is your favourite from last week. Just thought you'd want to know. :o)

  2. Have a great time on the slopes! Great sport in the middle of a long winter.

  3. Never tried it. But I hate the cold. Somebody has to love it I guess.

    Hope you have a great time with your favorite thing.

  4. Skiing, hmm, I used to ski but then I really disliked being cold and falling over and and and, so now I don't ski anymore. Oh and it is so expensive to ski here. Lying on the beach is much cheaper, going to Fiji for a week is cheaper, lol!
    Love the photos, such spectacular scenery. Hope you have a great day skiing (and it's not too cold).

  5. I have been skiing exactly once when I was 15 . And it's the only time I saw snow too.

    I'm envious of all this snow fun you keep posting about.

    I suspect however I would be too woefully out of shape to enjoy skiing since it's a very athletic sport.

    Glad you're getting to have some fun doing something you love.

  6. Oh what a great favourite. I love sking and Colorado is just awsome. We spent a week there 16 years ago and it was just wonderful.

  7. Have a great day skiing. I've never tried it, but like Larri, I'd probably hit a tree!

  8. What a fun favorite .. just not one of mine! I love the scenery, the snow, the beauty! Glad you get family time and have something you enjoy together.

  9. Skiing always looks like fun, but I'm not the downhill type. I love hearing about it and seeing your beautiful pics, though!

  10. I can appreciate anyone who likes to ski but for me, it's a scarey thing. I had a friend I trusted that I went with once but at the end of the day, I learned I really didn't trust him and perfected my slide into home base instead of hitting trees at full speed b/c my little "pie" wasn't angled enough to slow me down. lol

  11. You guys went Skiing??!?! That's so fun!!! How was it??!?! I was going to suggest you sending the girls over and going with Rob and Josh some evening...maybe now it's back in your blood!! Hope you had a fun weekend :)