Thursday, March 8, 2012

Come along for the ride (part two)

Our trip through Arizona was, in a word, windy.  I'm not quite sure what the rental company will say about our car - it looks a little "sandblasted".  It really was a beautiful trip, though.  Apparently the winds get very strong when a cold front is blowing into the region.  We seemed to travel through many Native American reservations, schools, and neighborhoods.  While starkly beautiful, I imagine it takes a hearty soul to live in the desert regions of northern Arizona.  Unfortunately, all of the roadside Native American craft stands were closed because of high winds.  We did get to sample the fry bread, though!

The pure expansiveness of this region of our country is hard to fathom. 

this might be one of my favorite pictures of our whole trip

dust as far as the eye can see

more dust - and open highways

I didn't even realize this church was in the foreground until I downloaded the pictures

dust-storms make for gorgeous sunsets

we spotted this elk herd outside of Flagstaff, AZ

we ate in a kitschy place in Sedona - and yes, I was that tired!

Rob wanted to capture the cheesy cowboy mural

my dinner - a bison burger and cowboy beans
I can't wait to show you our pictures of Sedona!  Even though I'd visited before (on a family vacation), the views were stunning.  We were able to enjoy some down-time in our hill-top hotel, and then thoroughly enjoyed hiking outside of town.


  1. The views are definitely stunning. Not so sure about the bison burger and cowboy beans though.

  2. We love Sedona! Did you eat at The Coffee Pot? Home of 1000 omelets? We are heading to CO this summer...let me know if you have any suggestions for us.