Monday, March 5, 2012

Southwest Road Trip - Day 1

Hello from Colorado Springs, Colorado!

On Saturday I left for Denver, CO from home.  I arrived at 5:30pm local time and Rob had already arranged our rental car and was waiting for me in baggage claim.  It was great to see him after being apart for a week.  We had dinner at a local Thai restaurant and then spent the night with his aunt and uncle!  We were able to stay in Littleton, CO for our first day and Nan and Charlie are amazing hosts!

We enjoyed relaxing talks, delicious meals, and it was great to spend some time with part of the Blanks family.

Tim, Katie, Josh, Isaac, and Ethan

Rob and I and our hosts - Aunt Nan and Uncle Charlie
 Today we'll be enjoying the beauty of Colorado Springs. On this trip, I'll be meeting a friend I haven't seen in more than ten years!  We'll be hiking through Garden of the Gods, and the weather is supposed to near 70 degrees today, so it should be beautiful!  Later, Rob and I will be meeting an associate of his at Compassion International for a tour and to spend the evening together.  Compassion is an amazing Christian organization that spreads the love of Christ to children around the world (by meeting their practical needs through the generosity of sponsors). 

Tomorrow, we plan to leave early for our road trip!  We'll be driving through Colorado into New Mexico and arriving in Arizona.  Our halfway point will be Cortez, Colorado, where we hope to tour some cliff dwellings.  We'll be staying overnight in Sedona, Arizona.  We'll spend Wednesday in Sedona before we need to arrive for a conference (for Rob) in Tempe, AZ.  What I love about a road trip is the fact that we can enjoy the landscape and stop whenever we want to.  Rob always indulges my impulsive (usually food-related) whims, so it will be fun!

I'll bring you along for the ride!  We've never been to New Mexico before, and I find the history fascinating.  We can't wait to glimpse the scenery, taste the food, and set off on an adventure! 


  1. Yay! I can't wait for pictures!

  2. I cant wait to be part of this road trip since I've never been to any of the places you're talking about.

    I'm going to need some snacks.....

  3. OOoh sounds like lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your adventures.