Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our ten-year old

This past weekend we celebrated Kate's birthday.  Sunday night at 11:43pm, she turned ten! 

Kate is our over-achiever.  She is, by far, the most responsible person in our household.  She and I share similar personalities, only she's smarter, sweeter, and way cuter!  I love this girl so much it hurts.

Here are some pictures of our family celebration.

the beautiful birthday girl!

floating candles with red-bud branches
pictures of Kate through the years

Emma and Malachi


Connie, Nic and Malachi, my mom and Bill

Papa Peter helping Kate with her dinner

my dad and sis

my mom

Wesley - check out that smile!

Kate and her best friend, Ava - opening presents

the whole pile of cousins!

Natalie - another winning smile

Natalie wanted my dad to take her picture - check out those boots!

trying on her new outfits!

my parents bought her a new bike - she loves it!

Josh, Nana Putz, and Jess

We had a great time celebrating Kate!  Isn't that what birthdays are all about?


  1. Happy Birthday Kate!

    (I think Kirsten when you and I “met” she was only 8 !)

    Your Mom is a very attractive woman. Thats a great picture of her. And I love how you’ve put pics of Kate up on the old door.

  2. Happy Birthday Kate.

    Kirsten, you look so much like your mom. Love all the pics of the birthday celebration.

  3. Family celebratons are the best. You take the best photos. LOVE the photo display. You are too creative. Happy Birthday, Kate! She and LittleGirl are exactly one year apart. LG turned 9 last Sunday. ☺