Friday, June 1, 2012

Favourite Thing Friday

With the exception of humidity and bugs, I love everything about summer.  Everything.  The long days, the warm temperatures, summer thunderstoms (!), and a laid-back schedule.  Our summer has started about two weeks early on this side of the ocean.  All of our produce has been a little early, and I am not complaining!  My flowers are gorgeous and our little garden is growing very well.  I've harvested the last of our lettuce and spinach, and we're just waiting on sugar snaps and tomatoes.  I'm planning to make a new recipe with the rest of my rhubarb, and I check my fig tree and raspberry bush daily to look for new fruit.  My favorite time of year, by far. 

So, my favourite thing today is the produce we've been enjoying in the month of May!

I made two huge salads this week to take to friends as a thank-you gift.  I piled roasted asparagus, steamed green beans, sliced tomatoes, sauteed potatoes and chopped egg on top of red romaine lettuce and sent along this salad dressing to pour over when ready to be served.  All of the ingredients, with the exception of the eggs, were locally grown. 

I also picked strawberries this week!

The perfect breakfast: strawberry shortcake!  If anyone has a good recipe for shortcake (that doesn't use Bisquick), would you share?  I can't get the homemade version to compare in a positive way!

Fresh spring produce is my favourite thing this Friday - go check out Shay's favorite this week!


  1. How big is that milk container? It looks utterly huge!

    OK onto that yummy looking food. I had never thought to make a salad where you group everything like that. It looks fantastic.

    Im a big fan of Summer fruit. Over here you can get everything pretty much all the time and it means that strawberries and watermelon are no longer just a summer fruit, but apricots and peaches and nectarines usually only make an appearance to herald the start of summer.

    Those strawberries look divine!

  2. I don't think I've ever made shortcake, so sorry can't share a recipe. That fresh produce looks so yummy.

  3. great favorite! I wish I could enjoy that with you! both breakfast and lunch.

  4. oh, the color and crunch ... beautiful photos and now i am starving.

  5. Beautiful fresh fruit and vegies nothing like it. Your photos are mouthwatering.