Monday, February 6, 2012

Tastes Like a Memory

grape nuts, raspberries, and milk

Tastes just like my grandparents house.  Don't you love when food takes you back to a special place with special memories?  What "takes you back"?

As a special aside, my grandparents raspberry bushes live on.  Even though my grandfather has been gone since 1995 and my grandmother since 2005, I recently cooked for a family that has the offspring of their bushes.  They inherited the shoots of bushes my grandparents gave to friends.  How cool is that? 


  1. Deviled Eggs, oddly enough. They take me back to Christmas day when we went from one relative's house to the next on Christmas day each year. Times changed, relatives passed on, we kids grew and moved away. But deviled eggs always remind me. It seems like they were at everyone's house. :)

  2. Rice crispies and Fritos remind me of my mother's parents because they always had those in their house (and when they traveled to our house). Oh, and peppermints too. Aren't food memories great! for my dad's parents, the smell of mothballs. What used to be a very bad smell, now makes me smile and think of Granny!

  3. Cinnamon donuts always remind me of my grandfather.

    Bad apple pie reminds me of my Nanna who made the WORST apple pie ever but thought she made the best. That stuff was hard to choke down but we all did it to spare her feelings.

    I love the idea that you grandparents raspberry bushes are living on.

  4. Would you believe Beef Wellington reminds me of my grandmother. She was a fabulous cook, and I must have had expensive tastes. I loved it so she would always make it when I stayed with them.