Friday, February 24, 2012

Things I've Learned

since joining the gym one month ago.

1.  My clothing has never been tighter.  I keep hearing, "oh, but you're building muscle".  I don't want muscle.  I want loose clothing.

2.  There is a reason that speedo bathing suits do not have "miracle" in their title.  If you look good in a speedo, you are my hero.

3.  I think my kids have seen more than they've bargained for.  People are not real modest in the locker rooms.  Kate said last week, "I've seen things no ten-year old should ever see".  I kind of don't find it a big deal.  I guess I'm not real modest either, then.

4.  Every drop of sweat on your body is highly visible in a brightly lit exercise room with mirrors on all sides.

5.  My kids are part fish.  We've been swimming a few times a week and Kate swam 44 laps last night.

6.  I am part fish.  I really love to swim.  I don't like the speedo, the dry skin, or having to use conditioner, but swimming is good for my mental health.  I just wish it made my clothing fit better.

7.  I feel a little guilty exercising every day.  I totally realize it's a luxury.  It takes time.  But, I kind of love it.

8.  There are lots of rules and signs announcing the rules.  My personal favorite hangs in the sauna/steam/hot tub area.  "This area should not be used for shaving".  Really, someone needed to specify that? 

9.  It's a great excuse to eat more.


  1. You go girl!!! I admire anyone who finds joy in exercise. I will never look good in a Speedo, and I'm okay with that. I'd rather cook up/bake up your recipes and sit on my couch reading your delicious blog. ☺

    Way to go on the exercise! You are truly an inspiration! Happy Saturday! ☺

  2. I'm tipping my hat to you . I'd never wear togs in public....