Monday, May 12, 2014

My Mother's Day (in pictures).

Not captured: the tulips, chocolate-covered strawberries, necklace, and beautiful card (from my wonderful children).

We visited my mom and dad and enjoyed brunch on the porch and an obstacle course competition (the team of Kate, my mom, and I won), followed by bocce ball (Josh won).

Next we visited with my in-laws and celebrated Aubrey's 1st birthday!

The weather was sunny, 80 degrees, and beautiful.  I think this was the nicest Mother's Day I can remember!  Hope you celebrated with the one's you love.

brunch a la Dad

marshmallow toss

Kate was the first to catch one!

egg balancing

Emma's always smiling!

shirt buttoning contest

picking up rubber bands with straws

bocce ball

Nic and Andrew

Kate and Aubrey

Jake and Wesley


Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

Aubrey and her Daddy

Josh and Wes

Emma and Nat

Kate (and Dizzy the goat)

me swinging!

Angie getting ready for the party!