Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Cornish Game Hens

I want to apologize.  I took your name in vain and it's all my fault.  I overcooked you and it was a crime.  I should have known that all you needed were some spices, a little butter, and a warm oven for less than an hour. 
You are the perfect size for one person, for mixing into rice dishes, or just eating your crispy salty, skin.  I am so glad I gave you one more chance.  You were the perfect addition to brown rice, black beans, adobo sauce, cheddar cheese and cream cheese [to be stuffed into a portabello mushroom]. 

I hope we can continue a mutually beneficial working relationship.


  1. Dear Kirsten: I'm glad you gave the cornish game hen a second chance. She really is a tender bird-especially cooked in a "secret" marinade! I'll have to send you the recipe for "Gangster Chicken", but you'll sworn to secrecy, as it's been in the family (ours) for years!! :)
    Aunt Jean

  2. Kirsten ,

    I dare you to post Aunt Jeans secret recipe so your entire family can be internationally famous.

    And I knew you'd give those hens a second crack..

  3. Don't worry, Jean - I won't listen to my friends with bad influences!! :)

    Mrs P - you're right, I was determined to not be a failure!
    ps....I don't want to be internationally famous. at all. :)

  4. (Looking round here to see who the bad influences are ) Moi? I think not.

    You so do wanna be famous - devil soup is known in the Pyjamas house as "Kirsten's Devil Soup" you know.

  5. oh, great - my name in conjunction with the word, "devil". :)

  6. I remember cooking cornish hens, doing all the prep that goes with them, dressing up, candles, everything that goes with the meal, including me, and my sweetie brought home pizza! they don't go together.
    Gangsta Chicken...yummy, we need the recipe...
    by the way your photos are so awesome...thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm pleased the Cornish Hens were good second time round.
    Hmmm Gangster Chicken sounds intriguing as does Kirsten's Devil Soup :)