Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our New Thing

I want so much for us to be that family.  You know, the one that goes hiking every weekend.  The family that skis together, kayaks together -  the one that looks like we're straight out of an ad for Colorado tourism.  I love the idea of family together time, especially if it's active family time and if it's free, even better.  I keep telling the kids that "hiking is our new thing".  They are not impressed.  That's all right, I'll keep trying.  I'm nothing if not determined and persistent (ask my husband).

We live in an area with stunning beauty.  What we lack in neighborhood running trails we make up for in hills and forests.  I have visited areas like Denver where there are dedicated running/biking trails that wind through every neighborhood and beside every highway.  While we don't have that, we do have local, state, and national parks within driving distance.

I thought I'd share with you some of the sights we've enjoyed over the past few weeks.  Rob has been enjoying kayaking with our neighbor for the past month or so.  They had been running partners, but injuries have kept them from running and the cardio from kayaking has been keeping them happy.  Rob took his camera with him last week and here are some of the sights!

Yesterday, Rob had a flexible schedule.  He worked an insane number of hours last week and was able to keep his workload a little lighter this week.  We decided to go for a trail run together yesterday morning.  We went to the same county park where he and his friends kayaked and the weather was perfect (about 40 degrees and sunny).  We even saw a deer. 

 Here are a couple of pictures we took 

from the parking lot

don't we look cold?

the trail

top of the hill

the "lake"

a nice little path through the woods

We ran about 6 miles and it was the perfect way to spend time together.  We're actually in the process of planning a trip between Christmas and New Year's and when we were telling the kids about our destination Josh said, "this isn't a hiking trip, is it"?  I guess I have some convincing to do, but this is all about making memories, right?  And, by the way, the trip in the winter probably wouldn't involve much hiking, if any! 


  1. I already had the impression you were THAT family in the nicest possible way.

    Oh Kirsten the scenery around your house /neighbourhood is just beautiful.

    I'm with Josh on the hiking though !

  2. Kirsten: the second photo is stunning-it's a "framer"! I'm so glad you're finding the time to spend together as a couple and a family-you'll NEVER regret the effort it takes to make those special memories!

  3. looks like so much fun - what a beautiful time of year to kayak and hike!

  4. I'm with Shay, I thought you were already "that family". I mean that as a compliment.
    You seem to do quite a bit together, and look and sound like you are all enjoying it. It's lovely that you can do all these things, and yes the kids will look back on it with fond memories. I loved that we went camping as a family when we were kids. I'm pretty sure I didn't love it at the time, but I'm so glad now that we had the opportunity to do that as kids.
    Absolutely love your photos. I laughed at - the weather was perfect (about 40 degrees). Sorry that's just too cold for me. I'd be in my ski gear, (if I had any.)

  5. thanks, everyone!
    Marg, we have to toughen you up!! We were moving, so it felt great.

    I am just not a camper - I really am pretty picky about being comfortable - in a real bed, with a toilet that flushes and plenty of heat/air conditioning.