Monday, November 1, 2010

Winners And Losers

the kids and all of their candy - I'm not even going to mention that we don't have dental insurance.  And, Josh has a dentist appointment this afternoon.  I do wonder what I was thinking to schedule a dentist visit the day after Halloween.

can you believe they lay it all out like this?  I bet they've counted their candy seven times.

what are your favorites?

I like: starburst, milky ways, twix, and reese's peanut butter cups

I'll post pictures of the kids later in the week.  I think I'll add them into the Favourite Things Friday post.

Remember those cornish game hens?  They were the losers this weekend - or maybe we were,
because we had to eat them.

They were awful.  The glaze that I put to give them flavor turned out marginally well, but the meat itself was so dry, we literally choked it down.  I also made sweet potatoes that had no moisture.   We were on a timeline because Josh had a dance at his school.  It's very difficult to try to eat dry food quickly.

We wasted time waiting for Josh's dance to be over.  We decided to do a little shopping until I was with the girls in the shoe department and saw a really creepy guy [trying on women's high heeled boots].  I didn't think I had the fortitude to explain, so we just left and wasted time somewhere else. 

We had a winning day on Sunday.  Rob wanted to skip church and we enjoyed a very quiet and relaxing Sunday morning.  It was awesome.

it was a beautiful day

they acted like they won the lottery when they "re-found" their paint set

I decided to make a frittata, because I was hungry for potatoes and eggs.  I'd never made one before, and it was surprisingly easy and versatile - and everyone loved it.

step #1 - brown potatoes and onions until tender and golden

step #2 - add favorite toppings (ours were country ham and cheddar)

step #3 - add the ham to "frizzle" it

my new favorite toy - a microplane

step #4 - add eggs (I added four, and also a little milk) - bake until set

step #5 - enjoy!
                                                            How was your weekend?


  1. I love frittata. That looks great. (Ham and cheese is my favourite kind)

    Your kids made out like bandits with the candy.

    Ugh @ the creepy shoe store guy. I would have cracked up laughing, walked over and said "Those shoes dont go with your handbag".

    Completely randomly - I really love your carpet.

    Crossing cornish game hens off my list of things to cook. I dont even know whether can get those here anyway!

    Looks like the weekend on balance was pretty good. Candy, painting, family time.

  2. I almost ruined the frittata with broccoli! I steamed it and everything and at the last minute knew it just needed to be veggie-less.

    That candy is from 20 minutes and one trip around our little block!!!

    He was totally creepy - I normally wouldn't really care, but you could tell he was more than a little off.

    Thanks about the carpet - it's just an area rug and was a whopping $70. I'll probably just replace it when it gets stained.

  3. Ham and cheese frittata is yummy.

    Wow what a great stash and in only 20 mins.

    I'm crossing cornish game hens off my list too, and pretty sure they would cost an arm and a leg here if I tried to get them.

    Relaxing Sunday mornings are always a winner.

  4. Did your kids, by chance, witness you and your hubby laying the cash payment for your house out on the floor? Hhmmmmmmmmmmmmm? If not, it must be a genetic thing.

    Breakfast night might be coming soon to our house. I've never attempted a frittata. But I love all the ingredients.