Monday, October 17, 2011

A Heckuva Year

Rob and I have been laughing a lot lately.  We literally said to one another this morning that we can't wait for next year because we have nothing left that can break.

In the past year we have had to replace:

our water heater
central air conditioning
all the wiring in our house

Last week the clutch on Rob's car broke and we noticed the starter was lagging on our truck.  Yesterday while we were getting ready for church we tried to start our truck and realized that the battery had died. We do not have one working car at this point today. 

I say this with a good spirit  because I realize how much we've been blessed.  We have our health - except when Rob scraped all of the skin off of his leg on a dirtbike incident, or when he had a tree branch stuck in his head (and we have the $1000 bill from the emergency room visit to prove it).  Did I mention we pay out of pocket for all of our medical and dental expenses?

But seriously, we are all healthy, and we have everything we need.  It has been a hectic year, but we have each other.  Rob has a great job (or three), our kids are doing well in school, and we're happy - we really are. 

I am looking forward to next year, though - here's hoping it's a cheaper one!


  1. You have no insurance for medical bills??? I would die!
    I hope things will work out better from now on, seams it can hardly get any worse.
    Hugs Kirsten

  2. Oh my. Sounds like a chapter from our book! But you're so right - the moment I feel overwhelmed by all of the things that don't work and we can't afford to fix, I remember: we have healthy children, we are healthy, and no one's living on the streets. I am MORE THAN thankful for all of that. That's all we need. Truly. Thanks for the reminder.

    And yes, I'm hoping next year is break-free, and you'll have extra money to do something nice with, rather than sink it all into silly things like hot water!

  3. Oh dear...that's a HUGE amount of things to replace in one year. I'm glad you still have a sense of humour.

    Since there isn't a lot left to replace you can probably rest easy for 2012!

  4. Holy Cow! Here's hoping these last 10 or 11 weeks of 2011 go out quietly and quickly.

  5. wow so many things that needed replacing, in one year, yikes. I do hope next year is much better for you.