Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What do you think?

I just read an article today about the Center for Science and the Public Interest - who recently published the "terrible ten" and "terrific ten" list describing food in America.  Included in the terrible ten: McDonalds value meals, coca-cola, and Kellogg's Froot Loops.  The terrific ten includes:  water, Michelle Obama, and farmers markets. 

I've watched Food, Inc., I like a healthy diet, and we rarely eat out - but I think this is annoying.  We live in a market-driven society. Period. 

Where is the personal responsibility?  It's like saying that the tobacco companies are to blame for people smoking.  Um, you bought the cigarettes.  No one is forcing people to eat unhealthily.  I understand that marketing is a powerful tool - but so is educating your own children.  If you don't realize that froot loops don't contain fruit - look at the spelling, people. 

I do have a point here. 

School lunches - what do you think about them?  Our school, I believe, is doing their best to offer healthier choices.  I just don't really want my kids eating them.  I allow the girls to buy one day a week and Josh has a budget for the middle school. 

It would be really easy for me to just write a check and let the kids buy every day.  Granted, it would be quite a large check every month, but it would make our daily schedule a lot less hectic.  But, I feel better knowing what my kids are eating.  And, that's the point, isn't it?  If you simply take a little time to prepare foods for your family, you are not a statistic.  That is way more effective [in telling McDonald's how you feel] than publishing some list. 

I totally bribe my kids.  We literally have a "bribe refrigerator".  I have special treats, snacks, and foods in our downstairs refrigerator specifically for lunches.  And it's not all healthy.  I also make things easy for myself.  Every morning I go downstairs to grab what I'll need for the lunches that day. 

Here is a typical lunch for the girls:  peanut butter and peach butter sandwich, chips, no-sugar applesauce, clementines, string cheese, water, and a small candy bar. 

What do you think?  How do you feel about school lunches?  What is the answer to America's obesity epidemic? 


  1. I'm very confused, how did Michelle Obama get on a food list?

    My school district is so silly regarding nutrition. They do not let us bring "unhealhy" foods in for birthdays anymore (no cupcakes or cookies...), and they claim to serve healthy meals. But fried mozzarella cheese sticks don't make the cut for me. My kids get a good laugh over their "healthy" meals at school. That being said, it was the same thing when I went. I turned out okay. And we even got to eat rice krispy treats for birthdays in our classrooms. I don't want the aggrivation & hassle of packing my kids lunches right now. It would most definately be more healthier though.

  2. I'm with you. LittleGirl takes her lunch. It's not always the healthiest, but it's healthier than what she'd get at school. She eats school lunch on

    The answer to the obesity epidemic? There comes a point in everyone's life when they've reached their 'fat threshold'. Mine's maxxed out right now because my clothes are tight and uncomfortable. I've got to do something about it before I go up a size. For others it's could be 100 pounds. Anywho, when you've reached it, you realize there is no quick-fix. You gotta subscribe to the "Stop Eating and Get Off Your Butt and Move" plan or you'll remain overweight.

    Great post, Kirsten! PS...I'll eat the girls' lunches if they don't want them today. ☺

  3. This was great Kirsten. I am with you on the personal responsibility bit. We have no school lunch option at our school here and you should see what some of the kids show up with. Literally...pop and candy bars. End of lunch. I do not know how many times my kids have been asked if they are vegetarians because I put cut up veggies in their lunch every day. They like them...most of the time. It is hard to munch on your veggies when the kid next to you is putting away 20oz. of chocolate. Hey, I feel their pain!

  4. Hi Kirsten! I agree, lists like these are a waste of time and only state the obvious (What? Coke has lots of sugar?! I never knew!). School lunches make me cringe because I remember what I used to eat... mozzarella sticks, nachos, chipwich's, salads drenched in ranch dressing and cheese *shudders*.

    I guess my major concern is for the kids who rely solely on school lunches as their only meal during the day. I can't quote statistics, but I do know there are a number of children whose parents cannot (or will not) provide food throughout the day. Whether or not one agrees with the subsidized school lunch program, I would hope that school districts would provide well-balanced meals.

    As for the answer to America's obesity epidemic - there's not enough space for my thoughts :)

    I commend you for packing lunches for your kids. They will thank you for it :)

  5. I think a lot of parents don't have your skill of putting together an healthy lunch Kirsten and so they opt for the school lunch or junk variety.

    I used to pack Miss P's lunch 4 days a week. Sandwich , fruit, drink and a treat. I dont know what your school lunches are like there but they're probably like canteen food here . Yuk!

  6. "If you don't realize that froot loops don't contain fruit - look at the spelling, people." -HILARIOUS! NEVER EVER NOTICED! (Dang it, I love froooooot loops.)

    Anyway, excellent post! I adore Alton Brown's Good Eats on the Food Network. I'll never forget an episode from 6 or 7 years ago where he said pre-sliced bread was the worst thing to happen to this country - makes TERRIBLE sandwiches. Ha ha! But he also said this: If you feed your kids good lunches or feed them yummy and healthy dinners, they won't WANT McDonalds. Show 'em what's good first.

    Your lunch looks awesome! Love the little candy bar idea! And bottled water! Perfect! Can you pack my work lunches? Today I ate nearly an entire block of extra sharp cheddar cheese with pretzels. Dumb. But DELICIOUS.

    Great post!