Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Garden

We just finished planting our spring garden! 

This year I bought a few new packets of seeds: swiss chard, sugar snaps, spinach, lettuce, and spring mix.  I hope to plant green beans, tomatoes, and some herbs later in the season (after the danger of frost). 

I'll keep you updated!

my helpers - and check out the flowering trees!

Elsewhere in our yard, signs of spring are everywhere.  My raspberries look to be on a healthy streak, and my fig tree continues to grow larger.  My rhubarb is looking good, and my mint and parsley all survived the barely-there winter. 

What's growing in your garden?


  1. Early spring here too Kirs-I actually picked some rhubarb to put on the bake sale table this A.M.! Looks like the girls are enjoying helping (or at least having their picture taken!). Have a blessed Easter-did Lisa make it in from NYC yet?

  2. The blossoms are beautiful, and so are your gorgeous helpers.
    Sounds like you will have lots of fabulous fruit and vegetables later in the season.

  3. Mmm! Looking good! We planned to plant yesterday, but we had a threat of frost. We'll wait another week. We are actually sharecropping an acre at a friend's farm this year. It will be hard work, but oh-so-worth-it when we harvest all that yummy goodness!

    Happy Saturday and Happy Easter! ☺