Sunday, May 27, 2012

One of the best deals going...

Here in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, we have all kinds of carb-o-licious fare.  Meat, potatoes, and starch headline most of the specialties of the region.  And I love every part of it!

One of our local donut companies (the only one that I know of) is Maple Donuts.  Started in 1946, they are a hometown favorite!

The production facility is located less than ten minutes from our house, and there is a retail store that sells day old donuts.  And, you can get three dozen for $5.00.  We don't normally purchase three dozen, but occasionally it comes in very handy.  Basically, the day-olds are $2.50 a dozen, and if you purchase two dozen, you get the third for free!

We're leaving for our cabin in about an hour and we plan to take the donuts with us!  There will be twelve of us, so I don't think three donuts per person over the next 36 hours is over the top, do you?  :)

I tried to pick a variety of donuts that would please all of us.  Rob likes plain glazed, Kate and Emma like frosting with sprinkles, and Josh likes custard-filled.

Just thought I'd share this crazy good deal!