Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Recipes

I'm curious - how many of you like trying new recipes?  I go through phases where I make the same thing over and over, but in general, I do enjoy trying new things.  This week I tried two new recipes, both of them via an online source.  I liked both dishes, but I didn't love either.  I doubt they'll make it into our normal rotation, but it was fun to experiment. 

On the docket:

stuffed zucchini

sauteed peppers, and onions, tossed with curry powder

mixed with diced raw zucchini, plain yogurt, and topped with parm

I like the concept - but I'll totally do it different next time.  I'd like to use the zucchini boats to mimic a carb-less stuffed shell or manicotti dish.  Think ricotta, parm, mozzarella, and some roasted veggies (probably utilizing a little pancetta as well).  Here is the original recipe, courtesy of kayotic.

And for dessert, the contender was rhubarb snacking cake.  Again, tasty, but kinda eh.  I have yet to find a yellow cake recipe that doesn't taste like cardboard.  I think we've all been spoiled by those box cakes and their creepy delicious texture. 

the batter I wanted to love

rhubarb from our garden!

before baking

this was definitely ok with ice cream

The one thing I did love about this cake was the lemon flavor - rind in the cake and juice in the topping.  yum.  I think I'll use my mom's buttermilk cake recipe (just half) and sub that in for the original.  I'll keep you posted if I do succeed in creating something shareable! here is the original recipe, via smitten kitchen

All I know is that I've got just enough rhubarb left to make this - and I'm making in (and maybe sharing some). 

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  1. The stuffed zucchini look very colourful but I probably wouldn’t make them (they’re vegetables !)

    I do like to try new recipes (I’ve tried a ton of yours and almost always LOVE them – think devil soup ) but I hate it when I make something and it’s just “meh “ but I guess you dont know until you try something how delicious its going to be .

    And Im a recipe tweaker too!