Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cabin Work Weekend

So, we have this little project at the family cabin - it's an addition that will increase the cabin size by about 200%.  We started the project a few years ago and we try to work on things as time and money will allow.  At this point in our lives (all in our 30's), this can be challenging, but we try to at least complete two major projects per year.  Here are some pics of the inside from a few years ago.

Earlier in the summer, the guys invited some friends (13 of us, total) to tackle some work together.  I was the designated cook/painter, and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

The facing of the front of the cabin is courtesy of some wood that had been housed on the family farm in Iowa.  We love having something so carefully stored by Rob's late grandfather.

The hope is to finish the outside of the cabin addition in the fall and then hopefully work on some inside projects next year!  We're getting there, slowly but surely.

Here are some pictures from the weekend, and the results! 

the inside project - insulation and vapor barrier

working on replacing the old siding with new

working on the porch roof

finishing the facing - late into the night

Since these pictures were taken, the other side of the facing has been finished (with the Iowa wood).  The guys hope to bring their friends again to finish the rest of the siding, to put stone on the chimney, and to insulate the attic.  I'll plan to be there to cook - we like to bribe our friends with food (it seems to work!!). 


  1. Wow it's looking awesome. Sadly, over here everything has to have a planning permit and be inspected every inch of the way - no fun.

  2. This is SO SO SO SO SO COOL! Isn't it awesome having a husband who can build!? And what an accomplishment, seeing this thing grow through the years! What a great experience for the kids, too!