Monday, June 10, 2013

Phone Snapshots

Also known as: my laptop blew up again and I'm blogging on my iPad. I can't page down and write captions, so feel free to make up your own!

It's our first week of summer vacation and the weather is hideous! Kate and Emma have a friend over and they set up a movie theater in their room. Rob and Josh are attending the practice round for the US Open. I'm doing laundry and probably going to read this afternoon. 

Hopefully one of these days I'll actually share a recipe! In the meantime, enjoy your Monday. 


  1. I'm glad you're not sharing recipes .... because all that food looks delicious and it is probably not on my diet. Hope you're getting some reading in and some relaxing. Sorry about the weather (beastly hot, I presume).

  2. Well! It looks like Summer is having a ball at your place already.

    Somehow any pictures I take with my phone never seem to make it OFF the phone!