Monday, August 26, 2013

Birthday Weekend - Instagram Style

A few weeks ago, Rob and I begged my parents to take the kids snuck away for a weekend.  It was a gorgeous summer weekend that felt like fall and we were ensconced in the beauty of the family cabin.  We left on a Friday afternoon and were joined by my parents and the kids on Sunday morning - for a little atv riding.  I'll provide some captions, as the instagram colors can be a little hard to decipher.  What you can't tell from the pictures is the sheer quiet of the surroundings.  No tv.  No cell phones.  No fighting children - in fact, I didn't hear the words "stop", "mom", or "ow" until Sunday.  It was pure bliss. 

baby deer unfazed by our presence

my steak - I think the USDA recommends 19 oz. per meat serving, right?

the vista after a long ride

getting ready to coach me through a stream

my ride


the world's best donuts - still warm, my friends

summer sunshine

hard to see - but a whole flock(?) of turkeys - babies and mamas

we had walked until we realized the height of the grass - then we rode!
Kate and her Daddy!

Rob, explaining something (as only he can do)

my Dad!

Rob - getting some wood ready for the winter

sunset - from the sunroof!

relaxing on the porch

morning tradition - coffee on the porch

waiting for donuts - in a little town (with cell service)

still waiting

how do I look in my helmet - kinda slimming, right?

it's a lot of work to suit up for a ride!

I realize the pictures aren't in chronological order - still trying to navigate google live with cell phone pics, an ipad, and transferring that to a laptop.  I am quite limited! 


  1. What a great weekend. Love the pics. THe cabin must be the perfect place to get away!

  2. Love that little deer (who seems completely unfazed by your presence) I can already feel the quiet from looking at that picture.

    That’s MY kind of steak. And MY kind of donuts. When I come to the US I’m going to live on donuts. I dont care how long I have to wait for them.

    Such beautiful views – ahhhh the serenity . Looks like a perfectly perfect weekend to me(and Happy Birthday to Rob!)

    P.S. That helmet makes you look 10 pounds lighter.

  3. Looks like a marvelous weekend. and the quiet shows. how big are the world's biggest donuts?? they look amazing, as does the steak and the bagels/peaches.

    Happy Birthday to whom?

  4. Lovely way to capture a birthday weekend. Warm donuts, ginormous steak? Who could ask for anything more? ;) Kinda coveting your cabin. I'd love to have a permanent home in the country. Happy Sunday!

    PS...Was this your birthday celebrated?