Wednesday, March 26, 2014


1.  This girl just turned 12 years old yesterday.  She is amazing.  At this point, her grade point average is a 95.  I don't think I ever had a 95% in any class.  Ever.  She is determined.  Strong.  Kind.  Talented.  We just love her!

2.  The stomach bug has been rampant in our house.  All three kids.  It started Saturday night and didn't let up until this morning at 10:00am. 

3.  I've been cooking.  Trying new recipes and sticking with some old favorites.

chilled avocado soup

peanut butter pie

chilled avocado soup

cauliflower gratin, flat iron steak, avocado soup

pizza with onions, peppers, and fresh mozzarella

4.  My newest obsession: poblano peppers.  And tomatillos.  They are so easy to prepare.  I have been popping them on a cookie sheet and broiling both sides for about five minutes until they're deflated and blackened in spots. 

before broiling

turkey sandwich with avocado, poblano slices, and fresh tomato

filled poblanos with ricotta, sharp cheddar, and breadcrumbs

5.  I prepared food for Rob's organization last night.  The event was held in a beautiful historic building WITH NO KITCHEN.  So, I prepared everything in my home kitchen* ahead of time.  I placed it in large aluminum trays and transported it all to my mother in law's house.  We heated the food, placed it into large rented coolers and transported them to the event.  We kept the food heated in chafing dishes and prayed it would stay hot.  I made appetizers, entrees, and desserts.  I only took a few pictures, and none at the event. 

I made seafood lasagna and tenderloin tips with mixed mushrooms and a red wine reduction sauce.  We also had caesar salad, grilled vegetables, carrot cake cupcakes, lemon meringue tarts, and chocolate truffles.  I slept all afternoon today.  I seriously don't know how people can cater full time.  It's no joke. 

spinach artichoke dip

roasted fingerling potatoes and beef tenderloins

croutons for caesar salad
*Disclaimer: Because I work as a personal chef, my home kitchen is not licensed.  I was only able to utilize my home kitchen in this case because I did not charge for my services. 


  1. I think Kate must have been 8 or 9 when I “met” you Kirsten...I can’t believe how quickly all of your kids seem to be growing up! Happy 12th Birthday to Kate. (and way to go on that grade score average!)

    More ingredients we cant get in Australia- Tomatillos and Poblano peppers seem to be a bit thin on the ground down under (I just googled because I had no idea what you were talking about!) That turkey sandwich looks divine!

    I’d love to have you come and cater something for me. All of your food always looks soooooooo good!

  2. Happy Birthday, Kate! What a beautiful little lady you've turned out, Kirsten.

    We love poblano peppers! I've never tried broiling them, but am inspired to do so. Do you drizzle with oil or just pop them under the broiler?

    My mouth is watering from all those delectable dishes. Hope you are rested from all your adventures this week. Happy Sunday! :)

  3. Happy birthday Kate!

    The food you made looks great. Amazing what you are able to put together. What recipe do you use for the spinach artichoke dip?