Wednesday, April 23, 2014

News By the Numbers

60 - pounds of beef brisket I ordered for pick up on May 5th.

40- pounds of chicken I'll be purchasing tomorrow.

225 - amount of people I'll be preparing food for [on May 10th].

200 - white chocolate truffles that my friend Emily and I hope to roll on Friday.

100 - percent.  Kate's last test score.

1 - car [not in the shop].

101 - Emma's temperature when the school nurse called.

4 - pharmacy's I visited today in search of a prescription for Josh. I waited at the fourth for an hour because the third had lost the prescription.  It totally wasn't worth trying to save $30 (to use a pharmacy that participated with our insurance company).

8 - days since Josh's last head injury.  He sustained a concussion last Tuesday at his volleyball game.  This makes his 3rd concussion in two years.

87 - dollars for 8 pills. 

3 - pins in Rob's right wrist.  He had surgery to repair his ligaments and bones as a result of a dirtbiking accident. 

10 - days we spent together while I acted as his nurse.  It was a little like taking care of a newborn and an elderly patient all at once. 

4 - weeks until his next surgery to remove the pins.

0 - medical bills we've received so far.  Maybe they've lost our address (I hope).

2 - butterfinger candy bars I've eaten today to help me feel better.

I admit - I'm feeling a little stressed.  I have so much compassion for those who need to take care of their family members full time due to health issues.  It's exhausting and emotional.

We're very much looking forward to June when the cooking jobs are completed and everyone is healed and healthy - Lord willing! 

The pictures don't really fit in with the post, but I like pictures!

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  1. Well done Kate ! That’s absolutely fabulous!

    Oh my goodness Kirsten- thats a lot of meat. What are you going to make with it all?

    Sounds like the men in your family are in the wars...I’d be making Josh wear a helmet just to walk around from here on in.