Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Best Intentions....

Are you in the habit of skipping meals? Do you find yourself forgetting to eat? Me neither.

My mother-in-law never made dinner on Sunday nights. I have intentionally made very filling and heavy meals on Sunday afternoons just hoping that we can skip dinner. A few weeks ago we were at the cabin and I made meatball subs at 2:00 pm. We drove home, stopped for snacks, returned home and realized we were starving. It seems like no matter what we do, we are incapable of skipping a meal. My kids have this special clock, that right around 4:45 they invariably ask, "what's for dinner"? We literally could have just eaten Thanksgiving dinner at 3:00 pm and they would still somehow ask those very words not two hours later.

A few weeks ago we decided to take our kids to Gunpowder Falls in Maryland for a hike. I packed a dinner of sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, and veggies. It was a hideously hot day, but the kids had a blast playing in the creek.

On the way home, I started to unpack our food. Rob looked at me like I had three heads when I told him I had packed him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He muttered something like, "that's not dinner" just as we were passing this....

He looked at me pleadingly (after he choked down his pb&j). When we all smelled the heavenly scent of beef wafting in the air - I said, "go for it"....

look how happy he is! After his first bite he said, "do you think that guy needs a husband"?

It was really, really good - and, I have to admit - I scarfed down a sandwich, too! I guess it's not just the kids that are incapable of skipping meals.


  1. Kirs-it must be a "Neymeyer thing". I don't think gma N ever made "supper" on Sunday nites cuz we always had a big sit down "dinner" at noon (after church) on Sunday. When we go to granny's for Sunday dinner (noon) now, -we (Russ & I) normally don't eat any "supper" that night--I think I remember us having cereal for supper on Sunday nites before going to church.

  2. We have tried - really tried! A lot of the time I'll make pizza. I don't really like cereal, that's probably why we don't just do that!