Tuesday, September 7, 2010

News By The Numbers.....

I borrowed this concept from our morning news show - hopefully they won't mind. I hope this doesn't turn into a diatribe on how expensive life is....even though I just paid a dental bill of $969.70 last week, but who's counting.

here goes:

0 - the number of pull-ups I am capable of doing

1 - the rock Emma brought home from the cabin to use as a bench for her Barbie's

2 - the amount of items Rob added to his "requirements"

4 - the number of times he asked me if we had one of his added requirements [in the past two days] - Perrydell vanilla ice cream

$7.22 - the amount of money it takes to make our kids happy. On our way home from the cabin yesterday we decided to reward our kids. They had worked so hard to help us clean up and get ready to leave. We stopped at a gas station and bought them each a popsicle and bag of chips - and rewarded ourselves with a "take 5" and a cherry coke. I wish I would have taken a picture - they were so excited!

16 - the age I was when I went on my first date with my husband. That's right, we've been together more than half of our lives! In case you were wondering, our first date was watching Aladdin in my best friend, Stacey's, basement.

25 - the amount of minutes I am currently huffing and puffing while I "run" - that's what happens when you take a year off!

$53.88 - amount I spent on socks and underwear today

72 - the number of juice boxes I scored for $9.98

91 - the current temperature outside. My girls insisted on wearing corduroy pants today.


  1. 91 is pretty funny! Maybe they'll learn to listen to their mother?

  2. Ok I really liked this post. I think you should do them regularly.

    7.22 for three bags of chips and three iceblocks. Wow...I'm moving to your neck of the woods.

    I am dreaming of 91 degree days...ah roll on summer.

  3. it was actually $7.22 for four popsicles, two small bags of chips, one large, 1 cherry coke and a candy bar - things are much cheaper where we have our cabin!

    I'm going to be really jealous when it's gloriously warm for you and cold here for us!