Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Tonight I attended the curriculum night for Emma's school - her teacher is serious. I am in big trouble. The teacher was explaining her expectations for the class - homework, library books, birthday treats, rewards and penalties. The class has an incentive program using "money". If Emma forgets her homework, library books, sneakers (for gym), etc, then she has money docked. Do you know how many times we've forgotten those things over the years? I once sent Kate to preschool for pajama day and realized when I picked her up that we had the wrong day!

I was already feeling a little annoyed after realizing that I'm pretty much a disorganized mess when I returned home. I felt marginally better when Rob declared my pie "one of the best you've ever made".

I was just settling in to start a new book when Rob walked into our bedroom and said, "so, what did you make for my luncheon tomorrow"? I clapped my hand over my mouth and said, "crap"....it was 8:45 pm.

I grabbed my keys and purse and headed off to Giant. I brainstormed while on the way there and came up with: fresh fruit, club sandwiches with avocado, and potato salad. Thankfully there are less than ten attending so I was able to keep it pretty simple. I threw together a simple lunch and was finished at 10:14 pm.

So, now I ask you - if I can't even remember to prepare a luncheon for Rob and some of his associates, how am I going to be able to help three kids stay organized - with three different schools, bus schedules, homework, lunch money, gym shoes, library books, sports, guitar lessons, etc? I am doomed. Poor Emma is never going to have any money in her "account".


  1. easy solution- put kate in charge of emma's schedule. make sure she sees all papers emma brings home and knows sneaker days!!

    and are you kidding?? dear kirs, you poor thing. i hope you would have called for help had it been for more than 10 people, but i know you wouldn't have :)

    i'm waiting for jer to get home, which is why i keep commenting on all your posts :)

  2. I find it hard to belive you are ever really as disorgaised as you pretend. Me on the other hand....

    Simple...visual schedule...then the kids can sort their own stuff out the night before by looking at their schedules. Whack it on the fridge. It's easy and helps them accept some repsonsibility (and helps you keep organised too )

  3. Mental note to self...if you dont want to look illiterate check your comments before you hit post.

  4. Mrs P - I had to re-read your comment to even see what you were talking about! And, therein lies my problem, I am just not a details person. And, I do keep a calendar on the fridge, but it's a little embarrassing to be labeling "day 1-6" (the way our schools schedule), gym class, library, etc - doesn't that kind of label me as simple? :)

    I am just going to say right here and now that I will never have it all together!

  5. I'm greatful for your honesty - it makes me feel better about my forgetfulness. I'm always forgetting SOMETHING.