Friday, January 8, 2010

Career Day

Today is "career day" at Kate's school. The kids are encouraged to dress to represent what career they will pursue when they get older. Kate wanted to dress like a mom. It was a cold morning, with a coating of new snow on the ground and she dressed her bitty baby in a snowsuit to keep her warm. I pray for my children that they would know the joy of being a parent and it is obvious to me that God has created my little girls to be mommies. Both girls have the natural gift to nurture.

I don't understand why our culture has decided that the natural inclination to nurture has become undesirable. In our quest to find equality, women have been denied the privilege of being who they were created to be. To watch a two-year old that already has the instinct to rock their baby is enough to prove to me that our ability to nurture is inborn.

I strongly feel that to be able to nurture is to die to self. Becoming a parent very vividly illustrates how incredibly self-consumed we really are. It is hard work to put another first and a baby demands that from us. Even though raising children is hard work, there is no greater privilege. I strongly feel that this is my purpose on this earth. I have been entrusted with three precious lives to mold, and as a result, to bring glory to God.


  1. Amen! LOVE that she wants to be a mommy! Mine always said "a mommy and an artist" which I love. (Unfortunately, I have mommy-brain right now, so I forgot to remind Liv of her Career Day today."

  2. Oh, are you kidding me? Kate is so responsible, she reminds ME of things (all the time!)...sometimes I think I should rent her out because the consensus at the bus stop was the same
    people were furiously running back to their house to get their "costumes"!
    Josh, of course, never wanted to dress up :)

  3. LOVE IT! She looks adorable!
    I couldn't agree with your words more! And what a wonderful role model she has in you! Way to go Momma!

  4. Couldn't have said it better if I tried. Love this.

  5. I had these same exact thoughts as I nursed my baby William to sleep yesterday. When I got pregnant a lot of people felt ‘sorry’ for me having to go thru that babyhood all over again when I was so ‘close to freedom’. In fact, William has saved me from the self-absorption that slowly creeps in after your babies are no longer babies. What a gift. I enjoy every minute of the silent servant I am as a mother. It took 3 children to figure that out but I finally got it!