Monday, August 9, 2010


My sister has done a fantastic job of finding fun and interesting things for us to do. Today our first stop was Cafe Boon-Fly. Cafe Boon-Fly is part of The Carneros Inn, named for a pioneer who planted vineyards and orchards in the 1800's. This part of California (Napa) was known for cattle ranching and butchering, and the word "Carneros" is a reference to the butchering.

Kara has been utilizing yelp to find little gems for us. Review for the cafe were rave for their breakfasts and donuts, in particular. The size of "tastycake" mini donuts, the only flavor is cinnamon and sugar. The donuts are made to order and we received them in this darling little package.

They were warm, fried, and spectacular.

Here is the link, if you're interested.

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  1. Oh my-those look dangerous! I bet they were delish!!!