Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I Do (Occasionally)....

I occasionally work as a personal chef. My full-time job is to be a wife and mother - and when it fits into my schedule, I also cook for other people. I first heard of the concept of a personal chef when I worked at a fruit stand during my high school summers. We had a customer that came in to buy produce for one of her clients. She decided to work as a personal chef in order to create more flexible hours than catering allowed. I hadn't yet discovered my love of cooking, but for some reason filed away the memory.

When one of my friends needed to be on bed rest several years ago, some of our friends decided to provide meals for her and her family. As I was preparing meals and delivering them each week, I again remembered the concept of a personal chef. After some research, I decided that this could be something I could do [occasionally].

With a few preparations, I was ready. I established a business savings account, acquired liability insurance, and cooked for my first client. I have consistently worked a couple of times per month, with nothing but word of mouth advertising. I have never pursued expanding my business, simply because I've been a full-time mother. With Emma attending first grade this year, I am deciding if/when to proceed.

Being a personal chef is pretty straightforward. I cook in the client's home, either meal preparation or for an event. I cook in the home of the client because my home kitchen is not licensed or inspected. Today, I cooked for a regular client - preparing enough meals for the next two weeks.

Nothing special -

baby back ribs with baked beans and corn

stewed eggplant with brown rice

grilled smoked sausage and grilled veggies

rigatoni with bolognese sauce

For this particular client - I place meals into plastic containers which can go from freezer to refrigerator to microwave. I double the portions, so there are enough lunches and dinners for about two weeks.

crab bisque

clam and corn chowder

tuna salad

caesar salad with grilled shrimp


  1. I can't believe you can make all of that in like a morning. It would take me that amount of time to make the shrimp caesar salad. you definitely have a gift, kirs!! do you think you would enjoy it as much if you were doing several clients a week??

  2. I don't know....that's what I need to figure out - if I want to work more consistently (or if anyone wants me to!) this year now that I have a little more time.

  3. Your presentations are beautiful! I LOVE this idea - it's organized, practical, beautiful, and creative (don't you just love that combination?)! How exciting!

  4. I gained 5 pounds reading this...thanks.

    How wonderful that you can do something that you love, get paid for it and work it round your family commitments as well. Sounds like the perfect job.