Sunday, April 3, 2011

A few sights from sunny Marco Island.....

Marco Island, Florida - off the coast of Naples and about 90 miles west of Miami - is paradise.  This island, four miles wide and six miles long, was purchased in the mid-1960's for $7 million.  Today, this island is upscale, without appearing haughty.  The beaches are pristine, the restaurants range from casual to gourmet, and the hotels cater to the whims of every guest. 

I'll tell you all about our hotel, the Marriott, on another post - today we're about 2 hours north of Marco Island and we're anxious to get to our "regular beach", Longboat Key.  

Here are a few pics from a morning walk on the beach in Marco Island - it was beautiful - briefly interrupted by some kid drama surrounding a soccer game, an early morning wake-up, and of course, some tears [up North about 1100 miles away].  But, with the push of a red button, we were back in Marco - soaking up the soul-lifting properties of the ocean. 


  1. Can I just crawl through my screen and join you? It definitely looks like a relaxing paradise! Enjoy your time and thanks so much for sharing! Happy Sunday! :o)

  2. Kirs-I am SO jealous! I know that's been a favorite family vaca spot and I HAVE to go there someday! I love the pic of the birds on the horizon. It was a beautiful day here in Iowa yesterday-up to 60 degrees-I cleaned grandmas's flower beds in the AM and spent several hours at home working in mine-it's colder this AM & a strong wind from the south-blew leaves over the gardens I'd cleaned yesterday- :( Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics-I'm sure your mother can handle the "drama" at home!
    Aunt Jean

  3. It looks wonderful. I got a holiday feeling just looking at your pictures. I hope you're having a terrific time!

  4. Oh that looks so nice, very peaceful and relaxing.

  5. I can't wait to hear more! Looks so wonderful! And I love the quilt that was sent to you - what a beautiful gift - wishing I could create something so special.