Thursday, March 31, 2011

I can't think of a title.....

So, I started this little blog a while ago, in order to share recipes with family and friends.  I am, by nature, an introvert.  I'm happy staying home, and love to be by myself.  Little did I know when I started this little endeavor by simply typing a few words into blogger - that I would make friends.

And friends I did make.  I've met and conversed with people around the country and around the world I never would have gotten to meet (and still may never).  I've gotten to know people in Rob's extended family - shared struggles and laughs.  I've asked advice, listened, responded to emails, and shared lives with an amazing group of people over this past year and a half.

And then today - the doorbell rang.  It was the mailman.  He had a package.  For me.  I had to sign for it.

My friend, Shay, from Australia sent me a package!!!!  Shay and I have gotten to know one another a good bit over this last year.  Even though I can't sew a stitch, she and her quilting friends have embraced me.  She's so clever, has limitless amounts of energy, and is a kind soul.  I feel like I really know her even though we live half a world away.  I consider her my friend.  If you know me, you know I don't say that lightly. 

And, she made me a quilt.  A Quilt.   It's simply gorgeous.  Dusky pinks and chocolate browns - perfect for our living room. 

Here is the back -  it has a vintage, Anthropologie feel - only more beautiful.

Yesterday was my birthday - and she didn't even know.  How cool is that?

I am so humbled, Shay.  I can't believe you took the time to make such a beautiful heirloom for our family.  And that's what it is.  When I think of your hands crafting something after finishing everything else you balance - I'm blown away.

In answer to your question - I love it.  I loved it when I saw it on your blog.  I love it even more now. 
Thank you my friend.



  1. Oh, fantastic! I wondered where she was sending that quilt to when she posted about it being on its way to a new home. What a great surprise for you. :D

  2. I'm so glad it finally arrived and that you love it! I just wanted to say thanks for all the recipes and chats over the last year or so. It makes me happy to think of me being able to give something to you that will keep you warm when it's so cold there next winter!

    PS. Dont blame me if you become a Tim Tam addict....

  3. Very beautiful. Your girls will want to steal it from you. :)

  4. What a surprise to receive such a beautiful quilt on your birthday. As soon as I saw the pic of the Tim Tams and chocolate I knew what you were going to show. I love that quilt. Happy Birthday Kirsten for yesterday, (it's Friday here).
    Be thankful too that you didn't get a jar of Vegemite, lol. Tim Tams are awesome.

  5. Kirsten: what a wonderful suprise for you & what a special friend that Shay has become. Isn't it wonderful (and humbling, as you said) when someone does something so very unexpected and selfless! I have a friend who has a quilting business (that's her sole form of income)-when Dad die (Gpa N), she showed up a Bible study with a beautiful quilt-said she didn't do funerals, but she does quilts & wanted me to wrap it around me when I needed my Dad-how special is that!? Then a year ago last Christmas, she showed up at my office with this wonderful "puppy" quilt-beautifully done, of course--and both time, wanting nothing more than a hug and a thankyou! Aren't friends wonderful-and they want nothing in return, but to be your friend? Enjoy your beautiful friendship quilt!! :) Aunt Jean