Thursday, March 3, 2011


1.  I am convinced that: Christmas tree needles, Easter grass, and fake fingernails are able to reproduce.  I find each of these things for months (!) after they supposedly exit our house.  Here I am finding a fake fingernail in my sock.

see how happy I am?  

2.  Our girls current obsession: rollerblading.  Okay, Kate is more into it than Emma - but it's pretty cute!  Kate wanted Emma to be out rollerblading with her Tuesday morning at 7:30 (outside temperature was 28 degrees).  Emma said no.

3.  My current obsession -

4.  Thus begins our ten days of meatless dinners.  The kids are not thrilled.  I have my menus planned - I'll keep you posted!

5.  Of the last seven weeks of school - we have had two five-day weeks. 

6.  Rob bought a new car last Friday - on Tuesday he was side-swiped - on purpose.  A little case of what we call "road rage". 

thankfully, the "perpetrators"  insurance is paying for everything - Rob will hopefully get his "new" car back in two weeks!  

7.  We recycled for the first time last week - it's kind of sad how excited the kids are.

the new container totally sucked me in

8.  I bought a new comforter - unlike my blogging friends, I can not sew.  This marks the first time I've ever had pillow shams - is it wrong that I"m terribly excited?  I feel so grown up!

So, what exciting things are going on at your house?  Comment with your randomness - I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. Popping in while the boys are outside swinging. They'd be on their rollerblades if they had all their schoolwork completed. :o)They love those things!

    Why meatless for a week? Definitely share the recipes. So sorry to hear about Rob's car. Thank goodness for insurance. Love your new look on the bed. Never had shams? I have a set of shams, two euro shams, and 4 toss pillows on my bed...kinda ridiculous. ;o)

    Okay, some randomness from me...Son#2 had to get glasses. He's super-excited about them. We found them around noon today. They'll be ready tonight at 5pm. I had to go look up "latent hyperopia" when the opto-guy diagnosed him. It's really just a fancy word for a type of farsightedness.

    And...I should be sewing right now. I have a HUGE order for four boat seat covers that is due tomorrow. I haven't sewn the first stitch. I'm gonna be up all night! So, really, I'm going and getting off the computer now.

    Happy Thursday! :o)

  2. Ouch, road rage, that's terrible and seriously annoying to do that to a new car.
    Have never seen the chipotle peepers here, looks interesting.
    We've been recycling for forever here, the local council supply each household with two bins, one for general waste and one for waste for recycling.
    Your new comforter is very pretty and I love the sneak peek of your bed, from what I can see, it looks gorgeous.
    Nothing exciting happening here.

  3. Confetti breeds too...and you never get rid of it. Im still finding confetti from my first wedding in 1989 and I've moved house 10 times since then.

    Poor Rob! Poor car! That's awful.

    New bed linen is one of the joys of life. Enjoy your pillow shams!(I love your bed )

    Can you give us a family verdict on the meatless meals because I'm really interested in knowing what they think.