Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kate's Birthday Party...

Friday night we celebrated Kate's 9th birthday! 

Here are a few pictures of our evening - with a little commentary in captions - wish you all could have been here!

Emma helped me make cherry jello with mandarin oranges and frozen sweet cherries

baby Wesley with his Uncle Jeremy

Jacob - the cutest two year old boy we know

Kate with Nanny

some of the food: hash brown casserole, caesar salad, deviled eggs, jello, fruit salad, roasted cauliflower

grilled pork tenderloin

the Pioneer Woman's drip beef for sandwiches

Jeremy, Wesley, Aunt Connie and Uncle Bill

Nicole with her little buddy, Jacob

Angie with her little cutie, Natalie (the cutest two year old girl we know)

baby Wesley - love his mommy's eyes!

Kate in her birthday dress and bling

Josh and his biggest fan, Jacob


the best neighbors around!

in order: Travis, Jeremy, Jacob, Nicole, Wesley, Angie

Kate gets very excited!

Emma kept sneaking away to try on all of Kate's new clothing - these were pajamas

Kate giving her thank-you hugs (my Dad)
Emma and Natalie playing airport

in order: my Mom, Uncle Bill, Kate and me

We enjoyed ice cream cake, homemade "twix bars", chocolate-covered strawberries and shortbread cookies for dessert.  We had such a fun time and it was great to all be together - I think Kate felt very special! 


  1. Kate looks gorgeous in the bling shot. It looks like everyone had a fantastic time and frankly I love those pyjamas!

    I'm coming to your next family birthday party...it all looks wonderful.

  2. I don't know what to think about the neighbor comment... lol

    I guess I'll let it slide! I hope Kate had a wonderful day!

  3. Twix not Trix!! Come on, Kirs!! And sorry Amanda...too funny!!

    What a fun party for our precious little Kate...so thankful for her life...and Jacob is, too!!

    PS- Fun side note- Jer and I started dating on the afternoon that Kate was born- I'm always impressed he remembers, but he has something pretty major to associate it with :) 9 years, crazy!!

  4. Kirs-thanks for that great post-It's great to see all the kiddos (and the rest of the fam)-to bad P & P were out of the country; I'm sure they were sorry they missed such a special celebration. I LOVE the excited pic of Kate-were those earrings that she was so excited about? The food looks awesome! You should have had a pic of the dessert table! Has it been warm enough for the rhubarb to start to leaf out yet? I just walked thru my patch tonite-no signs of life yet-we actually had a blanket of snow this AM!
    I look forward to your posts-helps make the time between visits shorter!!
    Aunt Jean