Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Bags are Packed....

I'll be honest - our bags aren't packed yet, but I thought this made for a catchy title.  I am in the midst of packing - Rob and I are leaving for a long-weekend trip to the sunny Gulf coast of Florida. 

We'll spend one night and one day on Marco Island, staying at the Marriott, before heading north to Bradenton.  Rob is presenting as part of a seminar on planned giving [to non-profits] before we head off on our own. 

We'll be leaving Marco Island on Friday afternoon - and hopefully stopping to pick oranges along the way.  I've already bookmarked a few restaurants on yelp and the rest of the time - we'll be reading, swimming, and being lazy.

I was unable to find a new bathing suit - but no one knows us anyway, so who cares?  Rob made me promise not to bring this one..  He think it looks old lady-ish.  I agree, but it's comfortable. 

I'll be taking my camera along with me - I hope to show you some really cool out-of-the-way places in case you ever want to visit the sunny shores of our southernmost state! 


  1. Have a fun time!

    Im looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

    Do you have other togs or are you planning to swim ala natural?

  2. Wow. Rob would think that my suits are granny suits if yours is old lady.

  3. Have fun Kirsten. Looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing about your time away.

  4. Kirs-have a great time & will be lookin forward to you posts! Is Rob speaking at the same conference Peter is at?