Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where We've Been...

The easy answer is - we've been here.  The hard answer is: I've been grumpy and we've been eating crappy food. 

I have had a series of epic fails in the kitchen - with the exception of my beloved porchetta.  Meat has never tasted better than after ten days of not eating it.  

And then the rest of the week - a total bust. 

We started with macademia and almond crusted cod/tilapia.  Yuck.

The crust itself tasted really good - the idea was to marinate and then cook the fish in lime juice and coconut milk and follow by baking the concoction and browning the crust.  The fish just tasted fishy - no hint of coconut and downright disappointing. 

Then we moved on to dry grilled chicken, tasteless bean soup, and dry banana cake.  I clearly "did not have it" last week.  I'm hoping this week is better. 

We're looking forward to a birthday party for Kate on Friday night - I'll take lots of pictures!  Her only requests were for pork tenderloin and egg noodles. 

Tomorrow my dad and I are headed to the Reading Terminal Market to pick up some fresh fish.  My sister bought me Vefa's Kitchen (classic Greek recipes) for my birthday.  After perusing through the recipes and pictures, we decided we wanted to try some seafood recipes.  Our seafood selection is decent, but Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market selection is amazing.  I'll keep you posted on what we decide to make - but I know it will involve octopus. 

I'm hoping I have better results to post - stay tuned!


  1. I was thinking about you last night and wondering where you were!

    I guess every week can't be a winner. Sounds like the recipes themselves needed tweaking and not your actual cooking prowess.

    Here's hoping you knock out amazing culinary delights this week. Cant wait to see the birthday party report!

  2. Oh, dear. Well, I can't wait to hear how the Greek food turns out. You know that cuisine is a staple food around my house. :o) Good luck!

  3. love the honesty, kirs..i guess every meal can't be amazing! hope you have a great time at the seafood market w/ your dad..sounds fun! ang

  4. Yep, the same here, some weeks I have numerous disasters.
    So pleased to see you are back I was wondering where you had disappeared to.
    Looking forward to seeing your Greek recipes and the results of the birthday.