Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baked Coconut Oatmeal

I am not a bandwagon type of girl.  I'm more of a "I'm not going to do specifically because everyone else is".  But, sometimes I get sucked in, too.  I was on Pinterest and found this recipe for a single-serving baked oatmeal that "tastes just like an almond joy".  Vegan.  Healthy.  Oooeey, goooey. 

So, I made it. 

looks yummy, doesn't it?

So, as my oatmeal was baking, I was busy cleaning my house.  As the aroma filled my increasingly cleaner house, I was convincing myself that my attitudes about vegan baking were already changing.  Now, I should preface this by saying that I fudged a little on the ingredients (using milk).  Also, I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection, so my smell and taste are a little off.  After snapping a few quick picks, I covered my "almond joy oatmeal" with some milk and dug in.  Not good my friends, not good at all. 

It was okay - not the worst thing I've ever made, but I think I'll just stick with good "old-fashioned ingredients" (butter, sugar, dairy, unbleached all-purpose flour).  We are very blessed to not suffer from any food allergies or digestive issues - so this makes my decision easier.  I have tried [one too many times] to make our baked goods healthier.  I'm sorry everyone - you will will not find beets, agave, semolina flour, or anything unusual hiding in my baking recipes.  I feel like when I bake for my family, I want it to be a treat - a splurge, a reward for eating a healthy dinner. 

I'm back off the bandwagon - that I was on for the 25 minutes my oatmeal was baking. 


  1. The chocolate chips on top look good. Maybe you should have just had a bowl of them instead?

  2. That's fine by me Kirsten, I'm happy not to see too many vegan recipes from you. Isn't it annoying when you make something, really look forward to eating it, and it's a total disappointment.

    (from Marg) I accidentally deleted her comment :)