Friday, January 20, 2012

Hog Maw

Brace yourselves.....

Since the thermometer reads 18 degrees Fahrenheit here on this side of the world, we've been eating lots of hearty fare.  This week we've enjoyed roasted chicken, beef stew, and soup. 

Then there was this little gem.  We invited my parents over for dinner and ate a pig's stomach.  What?  I told you to brace yourself.

If I thought anyone would actually make this, I'd share the recipe.  Anyone?

But, look how delicious it looks after it's cooked all afternoon.

Okay, you're right - it still looks disgusting.  Would you trust me if I said it really was delicious?

Here's the story:  hog maw is what this little delight is called in our corner of the world.  Basically, you use the maw (or the actual pig's stomach) as a way to house all of the comfort foods unique to our area.  I stuff mine with chopped potatoes, onions, carrots, fresh sausage, and stuffing (like the kind you put in a turkey).  We kind of love it.  Some people make gravy to pour over the hog maw, my mom prefers horseradish, we like ketchup.  My dad is the only person I know that actually eats the maw.  Coincidentally, a classmate of Kate's was also having hog maw last Saturday night, and a local church was serving it for a fundraiser.  So, see - we're not that weird.  Right?


  1. I LOVE hog maw... and I never had it until I was married. I'll eat a little maw if it's extra crispy.

  2. You know you're reading a blog post from my hometown when it's titled Hog Maw. ;) My nana and pap made it, and I'm sure I ate it as a kid! I also ate punt haus (no idea how to spell that.) Do you guys eat that? I guess it's like scrapple but we never called it that.

    I'd eat your hog maw recipe any day! Thank you for the ingredients!

  3. sorry, I think I'll have to pass on the hog maw. but I'll take your word for it that it was great!

  4. Nope I'll never make it, and I'm eternally grateful I didn't see this before breakfast, or just after!

  5. The 1st time I remember eating hog maw was at Knocker Boy's in-laws - and I thought it was edible which indicates that it must have been amazingly good for everyone else. I like my mother-in-law's recipe too, and I eat it with ketchup. So, World, it IS good if this girl can eat it.