Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reality Check.

So, I've recently acquired a new phone. I love it. The ease with which I can share my life is addicting. I especially enjoy discovering the accomplishments of others on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

I do worry, though. On our social applications, we only post our accomplishments, in most cases.  As women, especially, it's so easy to compare ourselves and feel lacking. We all have gifts. Maybe you're not a baker, master organizer, crafting genius, or professional quilter. Maybe your gift just happens to be corralling three boys through a grocery store and keeping your sanity. Just because I can grill a piece of salmon does not make me any better than you.

I'd like to start a new series here that peels back the curtain on life every once in a while. My goal on this blog is to inspire you to love food. Every once in a while, though, I want to encourage you by showing you that our life is messy. I will show you my struggles and not allow myself to complain about my husband or kids. Please know that no one has it all together.

So, onto my first "reality check". Here it is.

What you see here are two suitcases. These have been sitting on Rob's 'side' of the room since April 14th and 21st, respectively. Why, you ask? Well, to be blunt: because I've been too unselfish to unpack them for him. I guess I'm very good at ignoring the fact that my husband works crazy hours to provide us a very comfortable living.  Please don't try to tell me that they're 'his' suitcases, that I'm busy too, etc. I understand all of those things.

The fact of the matter is that I've been purposely ignoring them. Has anyone seen the "Everybody loves Raymond" episode where he and Deborah purposely leave a suitcase on the steps for three
weeks (each refusing to cave)?

How much better would our relationships be if we served each other? If we didn't keep a running scorecard in our head? If we gave grace when it is least deserved? I'm going to start today and unpack those d$&? suitcases.


  1. You totally beat me to this! I have had this idea in my head for a while- esp in regard to "ideal mom" photos people post. I want to post reality shots of the life of real momhood, without being too cynical of course. Love this! I'll be reading these.

  2. I love that you are being real. I love that you took such an artsy picture of the suitcases. Maybe someday I'll try and be as real on my blog.

  3. I totally hear you Kirsten. I've left suitcases for over a week under exactly the same circumstances. and then come to the realisation about how ridiculous it all is.

    I think this post shows that you're human, that you struggle with sometimes showing that grace that you were talking about , that we all have flaws, and that you're learning more about yourself every day.

    Love that you’re willing to be so honest and to put this out there!

  4. I don't know what it is about suitcases. I love packing them but hate unpacking them - especially the ones that don't belong to me. It's enough having to do the laundry that comes from them. But oh well.

    You have always been very honest. I love that about you.