Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan

I haven't gotten out my calculator to tally the numbers, but it's safe to say I spent hundreds of dollars last week.  Between the vet bill and three trips to the grocery store (at $150 each), I'm feeling a little light-headed.  And guilty.  Thank goodness for my husband.  He never makes me feel badly for spending money on groceries (or anything else we need).  I usually don't spend money on things other than necessities, but food and gas really do add up in a family of five.  Our kids are all packing their lunches for school, so that adds more heft to the grocery store trips (in money and actual food). 

I do find that it's easier to keep my food bill relatively in check when I plan out our meals.  It also helps to know what to defrost in the mornings or prepare ahead of time throughout the day. 

So, today I spent about $80 at Price-Rite for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinner components.  I still need to buy my meat and dairy.

So, here's what we'll be having for dinners this week! 

Monday April 1st
Beef Roast with carrots, parsnips, onions, sweet potatoes, and yukon golds
dessert: lemon velvet pie (I was supposed to make this for Easter, but we stayed home due to the stomach bug - again)

Tuesday April 2nd
roasted cauliflower

Wednesday April 3rd
Four cheese ravioli in a light cream sauce with peas and ham

Thursday April 4th
Veggie Stir Fry with beef and jasmine rice

Friday April 5th
Pittsburgh Steak Salad

I'm also going to try this recipe for lunch today.  Josh has a dentist appointment at 12:30, so I'm picking him up from school and I'll take this in a thermos for him to eat on the way to the office.  

the chiles are soaking as we speak, for the "curry paste"

I also hope to make crispy eggplant slices and various salads for myself and the kids for lunches this week.  As well as lots of green leafy vegetables and a few fruits for the guinea girls. 


  1. Ooh Im interested in the Steak Salad. Sounds very cosmopolitan.

    I usually menu plan too but haven't done it in weeks. As a result its been pretty much pit luck round here . I really must get back into the swing.

  2. I made menu plans about 20 years ago .. those meals all sound so yummy.