Thursday, March 28, 2013

News By the Numbers

10 - the number of days we hosted Charlotte and Gracie in our house before I had to make a vet appointment. 

$213. 60 - the amount of our first vet bill.

12 - amount of hours that pass until we administer the next round of eyedrops, skin cream, and antibiotics to our furry friends. 

3 - pairs of flats I've bought in the quest for a comfortable pair.  I love the look of jeans or khakis with flats, but could never find a comfortable pair.  Until now. 

36 - the age I will be on Friday.

24 - hours Rob and I will get to spend alone as a birthday treat!  I think we're going to the cabin.  I'm looking forward to no cell phone signal.

4 - the number of new recipes we tried in the past week - and liked!

grilled pesto chicken - marinated in lemon juice and pesto, so simple!

veggie stir-fry with this peanut sauce

roasted veggies - potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and cauliflower (amazing combination)

Alton Brown's beer-battered fish

7 - number of days that xfinity is featuring a watchathon.

16 - number of Downton Abbey episodes I'm trying to cram into these seven days.  It's almost like a part-time job. 

Well, that's all the news here for now! What's going on in your world?


  1. Wow...what a vet bill!! Imagine how much fabric you cold have bought - just kidding!
    Hope Charlotte and Gracie are fine now.
    Love your shoes and definetla have to try the lemon chicken...that looks sooooooooooooo delicious.

  2. The food looks great. I need to do some cooking. Where do you go for inspiration? Hope you get all the Downton Abbey episodes in -- the only problem is that when you're done, you have to wait until next year for a new one. Took our cat to the vet for the second time in two months -- this bill was $231 .. he has a nasty abscess that just won't go away -- the first bill was almost $1000. I never thought I would spend that kind of money on a cat. what's wrong with me??? we have antibiotics too.