Thursday, March 21, 2013


So, remember how I told you that Kate was dying to have a guinea pig for her birthday? I appreciated all of the helpful suggestions.  Really, I did.  We'd already hosted Patches, the class guinea pig, for Thanksgiving.  We knew they were a little on the smelly side.  We already knew we weren't allergic (thank you, Patches). 

The truth of the matter is, I'm just not really an animal person.  I think it stems partly from the fact that I've never really had a pet.  Plus, they kind of just make me nervous.

But, if animals in general make me a little jittery, rodents are the worst.  I won't even look at rats if we're in a pet store.  It's the tail.  Blech.

So, I was pretty sure that we were just going to tell Kate that the guinea pig idea wasn't a good one.  That we're just not pet people.  Then my mom, [quite possibly the only person that hates rodents more than me] laid a pretty good guilt trip on me.  And we caved.

Without further




That's right everyone, we not only adopted one guinea pig, but we found her a friend.  They're actually really cute.  Charlotte follows Gracie around so closely that she runs into her rear end when Gracie stops running.   We kind of think they remind us of Kate and Emma. 

And, something I never thought I'd do - I even hold them! 

We all enjoy watching them, petting them, holding them, and just having them in our house (even Rob).  Who knew?


  1. The things we do as mothers! They are quite adorable...the girls and the pets.

  2. Pretty amazing that you're like them. I was hoping the second one's name was going to be George, but Charlotte is much better.

  3. Uh oh ...this could be the start of something. Guinea pigs first , cats , dogs and horses next!

    Congratulations girls on your new found friends. They really are very cute !