Monday, March 4, 2013

News By the Numbers

$123.11 - the amount of money I spent at the first grocery store today.  Somehow, shopping for produce, breakfast items, lunch items, and incidentals always ends up being the same amount.  Last week it was $116.34.  I still have to buy my meat and dairy.

5 - slices of crispy eggplant I'm enjoying for lunch.   I make them ahead of time in a large batch and then reheat in the oven with marinara and mozzarella.  It's so good. 

7 - number of loads of laundry I need to do today.  I typically do our family's laundry twice a week and it takes all day.  At least I've gotten better at putting it away!

43 - minutes I stayed in my yoga class this morning.  I hated every second.  I know it's good for me, so I tried to make the best of it.  I don't think it worked. 

21 -  random facts of information I know now about the Woodland Indians.  Emma has a test tomorrow!

2 - overripe bananas I plan to make into banana bread.  The kids will be thrilled. 

1 - head of old cauliflower I plan to make into this soup.  I'm not sure anyone will be thrilled.

34 (at least) -  number of times Kate has begged for a guinea pig for her birthday.  Help!

45 - minutes I spent in front of my light box today.  Still feeling so much better. 

60 - minutes I will spend at Emma's gymnastics class.  I hate every second.  I know it's good for her so I make the best of it. 

4 - number of turkey burgers we'll be enjoying tonight.  I make them with hot sauce and top them with blue cheese dressing.  Rob wouldn't touch one with a ten-foot pole.

Well, that about sums up my day.  Sometimes I like to think of myself as, "the least interesting person in the world".   (kind of a riff on that dos equis commercial!) Basically it's laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, food preparation, running kids places, etc.  I wouldn't trade it for the world. 


  1. First grocery store? How many more did you go to?

    I love this post. I think you have a great way of taking the normal things in life and making them more than just normal.

  2. See if she can borrow the classroom guinea pig over the weekend for a trial run. The smell in her room, the constant noises it makes at night MAY be enough to make her change her mind. OR, see if you can take care of the class pet (or vacationing friends?) over the summer. Good luck. Liv wanted one in 4th a few books about them and she realized she wasn't interested in cleaning the cage enough to own one.

  3. Im seeing a theme here (aside from the obvious one ) - you hate both yoga and gymnastics.

    Guinea pigs are notorious for dropping dead of pretty much nothing so I'd keep holding out on that request. Cant you tell her you have a guinea pig allergy?

  4. Interesting numbers. Banana bread, yum.